Indian Coast Guard rescues 81 Rohingya refugees

UMMATIMES - 81 people were rescued on a ship containing Rohingya refugees in the Andaman Sea by the Indian coast guard. Eight people died and one person is still missing.

Two Indian coast guard ships were dispatched to assist the refugees, 23 of whom were children. Anurag Srivasta said the Indian government was in discussions with Bangladesh to ensure the Rohingya returned safely.

Another refugee went missing while giving information about the rescue news, Thursday (25/2). said a spokesman for the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Anurag Srivasta.

After four days of sailing, the engine of the ship carrying the Rohingya was damaged. The Rohingya remain on the boat until they run out of food and clean water. Many of the Rohingya refugees are sick and become extremely dehydrated when they are rescued.

The United Nations Refugee Affairs Agency (UNHCR) issued a warning earlier this week of the missing ship. The ship departed from Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh on February 11.