Myanmar; Calls for Strike to the Arrest of Demonstrators

UMMATIMESOn Sunday, February 21th 2021 the Civil Disobedience Movement Group. Called for a strike on Monday, February 22, 2021.

The Civil Disobedience Movement is calling on the public to come together and make a summer revolution.

"It was found that the protesters had increased their incitement to riots and anarchy on February 22, 2021. The current demonstration is inciting people, especially teenagers, into a path of confrontation where they can lose their lives," warned the Junta military.

Myanmar police arrested the demonstrator actor, after 2 demonstrators were killed

On Saturday, February 20, 2021, the Myanmar Police again arrested those involved in the coup protests. This time they arrested a local actor, Lu Min, for supporting the Myanmar coup demonstration. The arrests themselves came hours after Myanmar police killed two demonstrators at a demonstration in Manadalay.

Through uploads on Facebook, the arrest was reported by Lu Min's wife, Khin Sabai Oo. he reported that the Myanmar Police broke into his home to forcefully arrest Lu Min.

"They broke into the house and arrested him without even explaining where he was going. I couldn't stop them. They didn't tell me," said Sabai Oo.

Prior to his arrest, Lu Min was already the target of the Myanmar Police. On Wednesday, Myanmar Police put him on a list of six artists who were wanted for involvement in demonstrations against the military junta.

According to the police, Lu Min is believed to have played a role in triggering the demonstration against the Myanmar coup. If proven, Lu Min could be jailed by the Myanmar Police for a maximum of two years. Neither the Police nor the Myanmar Military Junta have provided further details about Lu Min's arrest.

Lu Min himself, supported the demonstrators who pressed for the coup to end, political prisoners were released, and the election results accepted. The Myanmar coup demonstration has been going on for two weeks.

Of the many demonstrations that have taken place, last Saturday's action was the most violent. The military and police were deployed to the streets to beat back or even arrest demonstrators. Approximately 569 people have been arrested by the Myanmar Police since the coup began.