Pfizer Moderna; Testing Phase Covid-19 Vaccine for Children

UMMATIMES - Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna, produce a special COVID-19 vaccine for children. vaccine manufacturing has reached the stage of testing in children.

Pfizer and Modern began testing children 12 years and over. From this level, then it is lowered to a younger age level depending on the results of clinical trials. reported by the New York Times.

"It makes sense to write vaccinations or vaccination tests on an older age group. The reason is that as we get older, the risk of receiving severe symptoms of the COVID-19 virus also increases," said Paul Offit, a member of the American Drug Regulatory Agency ( FDA), Monday, 15/02.

This time, Pfizer is testing a new COVID-19 vaccine against the 12-15 year age group. Approximately 2,259 people volunteered in the clinical trial. If there are no obstacles, the test results are ready for the summer holidays this year. Pfizer said.

"Switching testing from 12 years of age to a younger one requires a new study and possibly a different dose. For clinical trials in this group, it is likely that it will only take place later," said Keanna Ghazvini, Pfizer.

Vaccine manufacturer Moderna said. They admitted that they were testing the new COVID-19 vaccine in the 12-17 year age group. There will be approximately 3000 people who will be involved.

Moderna is targeting test results to be achieved in the range of July or August. If the test results are good, it will be tested on the younger age group, 0.5 months to 11 years.

The challenge facing manufacturers is not just creating a children's COVID-19 vaccine as quickly as possible. Another challenge is convincing parents to be willing to enroll their children in the COVID-19 vaccination program. Said Kristin Oliver, pediatrician and vaccine specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital New York.
"As a pediatrician and mother, I believe the system works," said Oliver.

This problem can only be solved if manufacturers like Pfizer and Modern can guarantee that their vaccines are completely safe. The FDA, has built a system to monitor various reactions that arise from the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, many parents in America have no plans to enroll their children in the COVID-19 vaccination, due to their concerns. Verywell Health's latest survey supports that view, only 30 percent of Americans support COVID-19 vaccinations for children.

recorded in America, has 28 million cases and 497 thousand victims who died from COVID-19. Of the 497 thousand victims who died, less than one percent were children, there were 227 American children who died from COVID-19. According to a New York Times report.