"Right to freedom of navigation", Warship USS Russell sailing in the South China Sea

UMMATIMES - The United States Navy warship sailed in the Spartly Islands, South China Sea on Wednesday (17/2/2021).

The warship USS Russell sailed to "assert the right to freedom of navigation on the Spartly Islands, in accordance with international law." said the US Navy's 7th Fleet.

The US maneuver is solely to oppose China's unilateral claim to large parts of the South China Sea, which collides with several Southeast Asian countries.

China's unilateral claim to the South China Sea collides with the territorial waters of a number of countries in Brunei, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Last week, the United States held exercises using the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz Warships along with several cruisers and missile warships in the South China Sea. The two aircraft carriers are equipped with about 120 combat aircraft.