WHO investigation into China has not found the expected results

UMMATIMES - After investigating the World Health Organization (WHO) into China, the United States (US) asked China to provide more data related to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic for a more in-depth analysis.

"We have deep concerns about the way the initial findings of the COVID-19 investigations are communicated and are questioning about the processes used against them," "This report must be independent, with expert findings free from intervention or change by the Chinese government," and he called on China to " provided his data from the early days of the outbreak. " said Jake Sullivan, national security advisor.

Jake Sullivan expressed deep concern over the results of the initial conclusions of the WHO investigation into China that failed to explain the intermediate animal that spreads Covid-19. The WHO visit to Wuhan was carried out to find out the origin of the corona virus in China.

A WHO expert also voiced frustration on Saturday over a lack of access to raw data for a research mission to China, saying more data was needed to detect possible early cases of Covid.

"We want more data. We have asked for more data," said Peter Ben Embarek, leader of the WHO's research mission to Wuhan.

WHO rejects the notion that this virus leaked from the virus laboratory in Wuhan. WHO also rejected the Chinese government's argument that the virus was brought into China through frozen foods such as seafood