Indonesia Corruption funds Asabri; The luxury car assets up to the nickel mine were confiscated

UMMATIMES - The Attorney General's Office (AGO) confiscated a number of assets in the form of luxury goods to nickel mines linked to suspected corruption in the management of investment funds at the ASABRI Company (Persero). 
The luxury goods to the nickel mining land assets were confiscated by the AGO from the President Director of the Jakarta Issuer Company, Jimmy Sutopo and the President of Trada Alam Company Minera Heru Hidayat. 

 "The team of investigating prosecutors confiscated the assets belonging to the suspect JS," said the Head of the Legal Information Center (Kapuspenkum) at the AGO, Leonard Eben Ezer Simanjuntak, Wednesday (3/3). 

He detailed the list of luxury cars confiscated from Jimmy Sutopo, including a Black Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe, a Mercedes Benz M-AMG S63 CPAT, and a Black Nissan Teana. Then, the prosecutors also confiscated Rp73 million in foreign currency and rupiah ($ 5105 dollars). In addition, a check worth Rp2 billion was also found in the suspect's name. 

Then, the rows of luxury watches that were confiscated by the AGO were a gold Cartier unit with a black strap, four Audemars Piguet units in different colors, and three Patek Philippe Geneve Nautilus units. 

Luxury watches, gold-colored Breguet (gold), two Vacheron Constantin Geneve, one Antonie Preziuso Geneve, one Hysek ABYSS Explorer series, and Hublot classic fusion series were also confiscated. 

There was also a gold necklace with a silver pendant and ring which the prosecutor also confiscated. 23 Thousand Hectares of Nickel Mine In addition, the AGO also seized a total of 23,000 hectares of nickel mining land belonging to the suspect Heru Hidayat because he was suspected of being connected to the Asabri corruption case. The mining area is an asset for several companies, including Tiga Samudera Company, where Heru is registered as president. 

"The nickel mining area in the name of the Tiga Samudra Perkasa Company covers 3,000 hectares, the nickel mining area under the name of the Indonesian Mahkota Nickel Company covers 10,000 hectares, the nickel mining area is in the name of the Tiga Samudra Nickel Company covering an area of ​​?? 10,000 hectares," said the Head of the Legal Information Center (Kapuspenkum) at the AGO. , Leonard Eben Ezer Simanjuntak. 

Leonard explained that the AGO conducted an appraisal of all the confiscated assets with the aim of saving the state's financial losses as a result of the state-owned insurance company case. "Furthermore, an assessment will be carried out by the Public Appraisal Service Office (KJPP)," he added. 
Previously, the Director of Investigation at the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes (Jampidsus) Febrie Adriansyah said the mines were in the Sukabumi (West Java), Sulawesi and Kalimantan areas which were being investigated for alleged links to Asabri's corruption. In the ASABRI case, at least 9 people have been named as investigators. The suspects allegedly agreed to play the share price of Asabri and the private companies involved. Benny Tjokro, Lukman Purnomosidi and Heru Hidayat were lined up as controllers of shares owned by this state-owned company. Meanwhile, former President Director of Asabri Company Major General (ret) Adam R. Damiri, Lieutenant General (ret) Sonny Widjaja, made an agreement with the private sector. 
The state's financial losses due to the alleged corruption crime were estimated at IDR 23.7 trillion ($ 16,628,46510 Dollars).