Joe Biden; Mass vaccination of the American population in May

UMMATIMES - On Thursday (11/3), President Joe Biden said he would direct all US states to make all adults eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine by May 1.

Joe Biden used his first prime time speech to announce plans for normalizing the United States from the Covid-19 pandemic on July 4, United States Independence Day. In his speech Joe Biden outlined new steps by announcing a vaccination schedule for all American adults on May 1, which he said was realistic.

"After this long and hard year, it (vaccination) will make this Independence Day something really special, where we not only mark our independence as a nation but start to mark our independence from this virus," "We know. what we need to do to defeat this virus. Tell me the truth. I need you, I want every American to do their part for vaccinations, " "Finding light in the dark is something Americans do," said Joe Biden.

The White House said it would have sufficient supplies of the Covid-19 vaccine to vaccinate the population by the end of May. About 10% of Americans have so far been fully vaccinated, as well as an additional 4,000 US troops to assist in the vaccination effort, bringing the total to 6,000.

The White House is also working to increase medical personnel who can inject vaccines, including allowing dentists, ophthalmologists, paramedics, veterinarians and medical students to inject the Covid-19 vaccine.

He also encouraged Americans to continue to take mitigation measures such as wearing masks, social distancing, and practicing sanitation, to stop the spread of the virus as vaccination rates increase. A number of states have relaxed restrictions.