Pakistani courts block TikTok access; obscene and inappropriate content

UMMATIMES - The Telecommunications Agency (PTA) received an order from the Peshawar Court to block access to the TikTok application because it contains sexual content. According to PTA's attorney, Jehanzeb Mehsud, the origin of the problem was complaints from a number of people who stated that the social media application was spreading obscene and inappropriate content.

"The court asked PTA to close TikTok access," said PTA spokesman Khurram Mehran. reported Reuters (12/3).

TikTok representatives in Pakistan said they had implemented tools that could prevent inappropriate or lecherous content from being uploaded through the app.

"In Pakistan we have developed a special moderation team and have a mechanism to report and are authorized to remove content that contradicts the values ​​in society," "We hope to continue to serve the millions of TikTok users in Pakistan who use them as a means of fun and creation." said TikTok representatives in Pakistan.

Pakistan briefly blocked TikTok for ten days in October 2020. However, the ban only lasted ten days after TikTok stated it was willing to close all accounts deemed to be spreading obscene and inappropriate content.

TikTok, which was developed by the information technology company from China, ByteDance, exploded and was loved by millions. However, many people consider the application vulnerable in terms of privacy and data security because it is owned by a Chinese company.