Refusing to Lockdown in Germany Turns to Confusion

UMMATIMES - German police deployed water cannons and pepper spray to around 20,000 demonstrators who resisted the lockdown and the coronavirus rules. The move was taken after the demonstration turned violent, in which a number of demonstrators threw bottles at police officers.

Demonstrators came from different parts of Germany, who gathered in the center of the city of Kassel. They then took a stunt, which was coordinated by the online conspiracy movement 'Querdenker' - 'lateral thinkers'.

German police said demonstrators threw bottles and tried to break through the barricades. The demonstrators also ignored instructions from the police to ensure the safety of everyone, including ignoring the use of masks and social distancing recommendations.

Demonstrators carried banners reading "no mandatory vaccination" and "democracy will not tolerate censorship". The situation got worse when demonstrators appeared who supported vaccinations and used masks in an orderly manner.

Germany has been under lockdown for four months. Meanwhile, efforts to immunize the corona virus vaccine in Germany still lag behind Britain and the United States. German society, from shopkeepers to travel agents, is nervous because it is unclear when life in Germany will return to normal.

It is planned that the top leaders at the regional and national levels will consult on Monday, 22 March 2021 regarding what steps will be taken nationally.

The number of corona virus infections in Germany is still high, one of which is triggered by a new variant of Covid-19. Many politicians are of the view that it is too early to relax regulations on preventing the corona virus outbreak.