Security Officers Speak Up Regarding Alleged Rape at the Australian Parliament Building

UMMATIME - An Australian Parliament Building security officer who was on duty the night the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins took place, spoke to ABC's Four Corners program.

Summary of acknowledgment of security officers
  • A security guard at Parliament Building explains finding Brittany the night the alleged rape took place
  • These security officers have questioned Prime Minister Morrison's claims about a security breach
  • He said security protocols were in place that night
  • The security guard named Nikola Anderson had worked there for 12 years and happened to be on night duty at the time of the incident.
Nikola was the first to find Brittany Higgins, Liberal Party staff, in the office of the Minister for Defense Industry, then Senator Linda Reynolds.

Brittany admits that she was raped by her co-worker in Senator Linda's office that night.

The mother of three, who lives in a Canberra suburb, is an experienced Parliamentary security officer.
On March 22, 2019, he had a shift from 23.00 - 07.00. He came to work as usual. "I was patrolling the ministers' offices, making sure all the doors were locked and no one was there," he said.