Arkansas prohibits doctors from giving medical attention to teenagers who want to be transgender

UMMATIMES - Arkansas on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, became the first state to ban medical treatment for teenagers in the United States who wish to become transgender. Governor Asa Hutchinson and human rights groups vowed to end this decision on the bill.

Through this rule, every health worker who provides medical measures to stop puberty, hormone crossing or performs gender surgery so as to remove his medical identity, there is a possibility that medical personnel will be sued by patients if they regret their medical procedures.

At least 16 states in the United States are considering a similar rule, which a number of lawyers challenge. The reason is cutting the medical action that is needed by teenagers, which may lead to suicide.

The bill is one of dozens of health laws imposed across Arkansas that would restrict transgender rights. Critics have called it an unconstitutional act aimed at reviving the right wing in the culture war in the United States.

Most Republican politicians say through this rule they want to protect children from medical procedures, which they might regret someday.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, which represents about 67,000 pediatricians, is among the group that rejects the draft law. Because this can prevent children who feel themselves transgender from getting the medical treatment they so desperately need and this can increase the risk of suicide.