Closure of Domestic Flights in Greece is extended

UMMATIMES - Greece on Sunday 4 April 2021 decided to extend the ban on domestic flights until 19 April 2021. This decision was taken because the number of corona virus infections in the Land of the Gods had risen.

Under these rules, all travelers wishing to fly to Greece must undergo a coronavirus test that is carried out 72 hours before flying and return for coronavirus screening upon arrival.

Medical officers handle Corona virus patients at Sotiria Hospital, Athens, Greece, April 25, 2020. The number of confirmed cases of the Corona virus worldwide has exceeded 3 million, or to be precise 3,053,965 cases as of Tuesday (28/4) at 17.00 WIB. REUTERS / Giorgos Moutafis

For foreign travelers or non-citizens of Greece, they must undergo self-quarantine for a week. Meanwhile, for Israeli citizens who have received two injection doses of the corona virus vaccine at least two weeks before going to Greece, they do not need to carry out self-quarantine. This is contained in a tourism agreement between Israel and Greece.

Most flights from non-EU countries to Greece are still closed except for 10 countries, one of which is Britain. Domestic flights within Greece are permitted only for urgent purposes.

Schools, shops that do not sell basic necessities and restaurants, are still closed. But a number of authorities in Greece plan to allow small shops to resume operations with health protocols in place.

Meanwhile, face-to-face school activities in Greece are expected to be carried out this month.

As of Friday, April 2, 2021, there are 3,080 new cases of corona virus infection in Greece. Since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred in the Land of the Gods, there have been more than 273 thousand positive cases of Covid-19 and more than 8,300 deaths due to the virus.