Daily Cases of Covid-19 Infection in India Reach 100 Thousand

UMMATIMES - India reported a record increase in daily Covid-19 infections, which reached more than 100,000 on Monday (5/4). India is the second country in the world to record an increase in daily cases of the corona virus after the United States (US).

Hospitals in the hardest-hit state of Maharashtra were flooded with patients. Meanwhile, Mumbai, a commercial city, recorded a record 57,074 new cases overnight.

The number of daily coronavirus infections in India has increased about 12 times since hitting a low in early February. That is precisely when the authorities relaxed most of the restrictions and most people stopped wearing masks and no longer maintained social distancing.

India has now reported 12.6 million cases of the coronavirus, and is the number one country with the highest case after the United States and Brazil, while the daily death toll on Monday jumped 478 to bring the total to 165,101. Some epidemiologists say the new variant of the corona virus has contributed to the increase in the number of daily cases in India.

"The new variant, or the variant that is of concern, may explain a lot, not a simple explanation of behavior," said Head of the Center for Social Medicine & Public Health at Jawaharlal University Nehru Rajib Dasgupta.

Former WHO official Subhash Salunke said the corona virus case in Maharashtra state was expected to increase over the next few weeks. He said the solution so that India can reduce the increase in the number of coronavirus cases is to vaccinate all adults in the hardest-hit cities such as Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.

"If we start doing this, the end of April we will see a downward trend," said Salunke. India has injected 77 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine since January. However, India's per capita COVID-19 vaccination is lower than other countries. India currently only vaccines people over the age of 45.

Meanwhile, medical personnel and frontline workers have received the vaccine first. The government in recent weeks has suspended vaccine exports. India, the largest vaccine producer, has shipped more than 65 million doses worldwide.

"It is underlined that all efforts are being made to secure a sufficient quantity of vaccine to meet the growing domestic demand as well as to meet the genuine needs of other countries," Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office said in a statement.

The state of Maharashtra closed shopping malls, cinemas, bars, restaurants and places of worship starting Monday evening. Authorities will also impose a total lockdown at the weekend, as experts fear hospitals will be short on beds and intensive care units, especially in smaller cities.