Iranian Intelligence Brief for Foreign Spy on the Iran-Azerbaijan Border

UMMATIMES - Iranian security forces in the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan have arrested several spies working for foreign intelligence agencies.

Including an agent conducting espionage operations for Israel. This was reported by the FARS news agency, quoting a statement from an Iranian official on Monday (5/4/2021).

"An Israeli spy and several other people associated with different state security services have been arrested in the province," said the Director General of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry in East Azerbaijan province.

He, meanwhile, dismissed the existence of takfiri terrorists in the province. Iran's intelligence ministry also last year arrested five spies affiliated with foreign intelligence services.

"The Intelligence Ministry's forces have identified and arrested five spies with links to foreign spy agencies," the ministry said in August 2020.

Using elaborate intelligence methods, the spies collaborated with the US CIA, Israel's Mossad, and certain European intelligence agencies.

They seek to spy on Iran's nuclear, political, economic, military and infrastructure projects with the aim of sabotaging infrastructure and projects, exacerbating western sanctions on Iran.

The ultimate goal is blocking Iran's access to modern technology as well as creating challenges in Iran's relations with other countries.

The intelligence ministry stressed the malicious actions taken by foreign spy agencies failed with the vigilance and dominance of Iran's all-encompassing intelligence.

In August 2020, Iranian judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmayeeli announced that state security forces had arrested several spies who were cooperating with foreign intelligence services.

"A number of spies and traitors have been chased and arrested by the security forces in recent days," Esmayeeli told reporters at a press conference in Tehran at the time.

He added that the spies had infiltrated the foreign ministry, the Iran Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) and a company that produces spare parts for the defense ministry.

Increase Security at the Border

In another development in Iran, the Commander of the Iranian Army's Khatam ol-Anbiya Air Defense Base, Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi Fard praised the country's air defense strength.

SabahiFard said Iran's Air Defense continues to monitor enemy movements beyond the country's borders.

"During the war that Iraq imposed, air defense systems were stationed at more than 250 points and guarded military bases and airports," the commander added.

He noted that Iran's Air Defense is now getting stronger using knowledge and enjoying advanced technology equipment and systems.

Last February, General Sabahi Fard launched a new self-made radar system called the Bahman. Bahman is among two new technologies for the Iranian military, in addition to the Nejat mobile operating room, which General Sabahi Fard inaugurated on February 20.

"One of the projects unveiled today is the Bahman radar system and its rival has never been seen anywhere in the world," he said, speaking at the ceremony.

"One of the features of the Bahman radar system is its passive system, which can detect and identify all conventional aircraft and drones of very small cross-section," the commander added.

General Sabahi Fard then referred to Nejat's mobile operation room. The next project is a mobile operating room, which can hold back in all battlefields and critical situations. "Including floods and earthquakes, and carry out its mission automatically," he said.