Japanese Ministry of Health Salary Payments via Cellphone, Labor Federation Disagrees

UMMATIMES - The Japanese government plans to pay the salaries of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Manpower employees directly to employees' cellphones. On the part of private companies, however, many labor federations are against the system.

"We will institutionalize as soon as possible in 2021, the payment of salaries via mobile directly, not bank transfers," Tuesday (6/4/2021).

At the next meeting of the Sub-committee of the Labor Policy Board, which discusses this issue, the ministry will clarify the policy for the concrete presentation of the system plan.

The government's growth strategy aims to realize digital payroll without going through a bank account by the end of the 2020 fiscal year.

However, the working community, like many Labor Federations today, have opposed this government policy and asked to immediately repeal it.

Japan's private employee labor federation has concerns about the security of smartphone (cellphone) payments. The Japanese labor alliance also pays attention to customer protection in the event of a settlement company bankruptcy, and discussions regarding money are expected to be difficult if payments are made via the payment system directly to mobile phones, not bank transfer transactions.