Muslims in Australia Question whether Covid-19 Vaccination Can Be Done During Ramadan

UMMATIMES -  Pakistani migrant couple living in Canberra, Australia, Zarqa and Tariq Rana is an example of many members of the Muslim community who initially felt hesitant about vaccinating for the corona virus (Covid-19).

The couple admitted they were curious, "are the components in this vaccine safe to use during the month of Ramadan?", Because the fasting momentum is estimated to start on April 12 and last for one month.

"We want to know, because on social media they say that there will be a lot of side effects related to this vaccine and many have decided not to use the vaccine," said Rana.

They attended a forum organized by a doctor who served at Canberra Hospital and the President of the Australian Islamic Medical Association, Dr Saleh Khwaja.

When meeting with Dr Khwaja and other local Islamic leaders who provided information about vaccines and was translated into several languages, the couple's doubts about vaccines finally eased a little.

"The Imam (in the forum) clearly stated and explained that the Covid-19 vaccine does not have a bad impact on Muslims who fast during Ramadan, namely from sunrise to sunset," explained Rana.

Rana stated that fasting is the responsibility of an adult Muslim.

Fasting can also make the body healthier, as well as Covid-19 vaccination because it is good for forming antibodies in the body.

"The Imam actually said (fasting) is a human responsibility, according to Islam to maintain health. And vaccines are a good step for that, so there are no religious restrictions," said Rana.

The couple finally changed their minds and agreed to join the vaccination program the next day. Both admitted that they would invite their friends and family to do the same.