Suggest Donald Trump Meditate Through Buddha Sculpture; Chinese sculptor

UMMATIMES - Chinese furniture maker Hong Jinshi created a statue of former US President Donald Trump meditating in a Buddhist pose for Trump to meditate after a series of chaos he created during and after the 2020 US presidential election.

A year ago Hong started making a statue of Trump, and six months later, Hong's cute hobby has turned into a small hobby, with a workshop in Dehua city in Fujian province producing 250 statues of Trump wearing Buddhist robes with his legs crossed.

Hong was inspired by the potential contrast provided by two extremist Buddhism and a former leader known for his controversial behavior.

"Our tradition is that someone who is very old and successful ... should start to enjoy his old age and relax more, but he is still tormented and restless over desires and uncertainties," Hong said.

Hong has received orders from China and abroad for 200 sculptures, which took 10 days to create and showcases the designs he refined over several months with the help of a sculptor friend. The 16 cm version of the statue costs 999 yuan while the 46 cm statue sells for 20,000 yuan.

Sales would have been higher, Hong said, if it weren't for a number of low-quality, mimicking imitation statues that have appeared on the popular Chinese online marketplace Taobao for less.

Hong did not know if Trump had seen the statues, but said he was prepared to offer Trump one to cheer him up. Hong said the project had brought him happiness, and advised Trump to try to find similar happiness.

"Meditation is looking within, where you let go, and stop striving for fame and fortune," said Hong. "In Donald Trump's current state, to be honest, he is perfectly suited to meditate in this way."