Train Plunges in the Tunnel of Taiwan, 4 People Are Killed Are Injured

UMMATIMES - A train crashed in a tunnel in East Taiwan on Friday (2/4) local time. The Fire Department said at least four people were killed and more than 20 injured.

It is known that the train headed for the Taitung area ran off the tracks in a tunnel north of Hualien which caused several carriages to crash into the tunnel wall.

"At least four people are believed to be dead. Three people with serious injuries have been taken to hospital and about 20 people with minor injuries are waiting to be taken to hospital," a local Fire Department statement said.

It said the train was carrying about 350 people on board, while rescue efforts were ongoing.

"Between 80 and 100 people have been evacuated from the train's first four carriages, while cars five to eight have been deformed and difficult to access," he added.

In 2018, 18 people were killed and 175 injured when a train derailed in northeast Taiwan, in the worst rail disaster on the island in more than three decades.