Yahoo Answers will be permanently closed, here are 9 funny and strange questions on netizens

UMMATIMES - More than ten years, the question and answer site Yahoo Answers has accompanied internet users who seek answers in cyberspace.

And here are some of the best, weird, funny, and sometimes make us frown questions summarized by Sky News, April 6, 2021.

1. Do you think humans will walk on the sun?

It is actually hypothetically possible to walk on the sun, as long as we define what the surface should be, but we may only be a short walk.


3. Is it safe to throw your hair in the trash?

"I wanted to make sure because in biology we learned that hair has DNA and all, so is it safe?" continued the questioner.

4. Is there a spell for mermaidism that really works?

Yahoo Answers users with the username bmx4life have only ever asked three questions, including the above. "My brother walks around without socks all the time and his feet are starting to smell really bad, why?" asked the netizen.

5. If I eat myself, will I become twice as big or disappear altogether?

Despite historical facts that the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze died in 1995, this question seemed to live again and deliberately provoked a metaphysical debate on Yahoo Answers.

6. Why is my cat "shaking"?

"Her chest is always shaking like she's a worm or something in her. Is that normal? When she shakes she makes a little shaking sound and it scares me, it's not normal!" asked the user by the name purrplexing.

7. Can I tell my husband is cheating by the smell of his farts?

"I know this sounds crazy ... BUT," wrote the anonymous user. I don't know, three years later, no one knows what the fate of her marriage will be because the question has never been renewed.

8. Does my laptop get heavier if I put more files on it?

Yahoo Answers' work should end next month after 15 years. When the Yahoo Answers site disappears all the "brilliant" questions above will disappear.

The website will turn to read-only pages starting April 20, before closing completely on May 4. Visitors who click on the Yahoo Answers page will be redirected to the Yahoo homepage.