China will form a dividing line on the summit of Mount Everest

UMMATIMES - China will form a dividing line at the top of Mount Everest as a measure to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic. Chinese state media reported on Sunday that this dividing line prevents climbers from Nepal and climbers from the Tibetan side from mingling with each other.

Everest base camp on the Nepalese side has been hit by coronavirus cases since late April. The Nepalese government has not yet banned spring climbing, which usually lasts from April to early June before the monsoon rains.

The Xinhua news agency quoted the Tibetan sports bureau as saying a small team of Tibetan climbing guides would climb Everest and set up a dividing line at the summit. The dividing line aims to stop direct contact between climbers from either side of the summit.

A total of 21 Chinese nationals are on their way to the summit of Everest from the Tibetan side. The Tibetan guides will arrange a dividing line prior to their arrival. However, it was not explained how the Tibetan guide installed the dividing line.

China has not allowed foreign climbers to board from the Tibetan side since last year's coronavirus outbreak. Tourists on the Everest region in Tibet are also prohibited from visiting the base camp on the Tibetan side.

On Sunday (9/5), mainland China reported 12 new Covid-19 cases involving travelers arriving from abroad. Meanwhile, Nepal reported 9,023 cases on Friday (7/5).