98,832 new positive cases of Covid-19 in Brazil

The number of new cases of corona virus infection in Brazil was recorded at 98,832 cases, which were reported within 24 hours. Brazil's Ministry of Health reported on Friday, June 18, 2021, that there were 2,495 deaths from Covid-19.

UMMATIMES - With the addition of these new cases, in Brazil there have been a total of 17,801,462 cases of corona virus infection since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred. Meanwhile, the total number of deaths due to Covid-19 has increased to a total of 498,499 people.

Brazil has become the third worst country due to the coronavirus outbreak. In first and second place are the United States and India.

Previously, concerns about the increase in Covid-19 cases in the 2021 Copa America championship were proven. Brazil's health ministry said that at least 41 people had contracted the coronavirus two days after the tournament started. Most of those who tested positive for the virus were players and officials.

The Brazilian public once questioned the policy of President Jair Bolsonaro who agreed to hold the Copa America even though Covid-19 cases were still high in his country. However, Bolsonaro stressed that his side are very good at handling this issue, compared to other football tournaments in the Latin American region, such as the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.