Australia arrests ISIS suspect

UMMATIMES - Australian authorities have arrested a 24-year-old man from Sydney on suspicion of belonging to the Islamic State group. He has posted extremist rhetoric and has files on how to make explosives.

"The man has been charged with membership of the terrorist organization, namely (ISIS)," the Australian and New South Wales Federal Police said in a joint statement Saturday. The arrests were made after a seven-month investigation.

In his statement, the police did not reveal the full identity of the suspect. This was done on the grounds that it was in the interest of the victim's family or the public. "There is no ongoing threat to society associated with this investigation," they said.

According to Australian police, the extremist rhetoric posted by the man has intensified. "He has collected a large amount of extremist material and has a way of (making) an improvised explosive chart," he said.

Australian Counter-Terrorism Investigation Federal Police Commander Stephen Dametto said the man's actions did not represent Islamic beliefs. "His actions are criminal and represent hatred or terror," Dametto said. If found guilty, the man faces up to 10 years in prison.