Australia Troubled by Small Outbreaks That Keep Emerging

Australian state of Queensland recorded one localized transmission of the coronavirus on Sunday, the latest in a string of minor contagions to have plagued the country in recent months.

UMMATIMES - The Queensland cases come as the cluster of the highly contagious Delta variant has grown by two, bringing the total to nine in New South Wales, Australia's most populous state and prompting health authorities to expand regulations on the use of masks.

"We know this strain, which is the dominant strain, is highly contagious and some people spread it more than others, and what we want to avoid at this stage is a super-spread event," said New South Wales state leader Gladys Berejiklian. succeeded in managing the spread of the corona virus through rapid border closures, social distancing rules and high community compliance with applicable policies. The country reported just over 30,300 cases and 910 deaths from COVID-19.

However, the country has struggled with vaccination rollouts, and states have been haunted by minor outbreaks in recent months, the wide spread of which was halted through rapid contact tracing, the isolation of thousands of people at once, or strict lockdowns.

The state of Victoria, which battled a small outbreak of the Delta variant (first detected in India) earlier this month and which put five million people under a two-week strict lockdown, recorded no new cases on Sunday. One day earlier, the state recorded one infection.

South Australia on Sunday joined Queensland in imposing a ban on travelers who had been in the affected eastern suburbs of Sydney in New South Wales.

People arriving from the state to Western Australia are required to pass tests at Perth airport clinics and self-quarantine until they test negative.

According to government data, only about 4 per cent of Australia's adult population of 20 million have been fully vaccinated, while around 25 per cent have had at least their first dose.