Danish Researchers Create Virtual Reality Video Game to Promote Covid-19 Vaccination

Various unique ways are carried out by a number of countries to encourage their citizens to be willing to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination, one of which is Denmark.

UMMATIMES - But unlike other countries that offer rewards for vaccinations, Denmark entices the younger generation with Virtual Reality video games.

Danish researchers are using Virtual Reality technology to encourage more Covid-19 vaccinations, by playing maneuvers through virus-infected crowds in city squares.

In an experiment conducted by the University of Copenhagen, participants wore Virtual Reality glasses to portray an old man crossing a square while avoiding pedestrians dressed in red who were infected with Covid-19. While the vaccinated characters are dressed in blue.

"It's fun, for sure. It feels like you're there," said Adam, an infected participant in a game he played in a Copenhagen park.

Adam had already decided to get a shot of the Covid-19 vaccine before trying this game, he said.

"We know from similar research that after people go through Virtual Reality experiences like this, their vaccination intentions increase. We've observed this with COVID," said Robert Bohm, professor of psychology at the University of Copenhagen, citing studies by previous researchers.

Bohm suggested this idea could be used in a doctor's office.

The World Health Organization estimates that immunization prevents 4 million to 5 million deaths each year. But disinformation, hoaxes, lack of education, and religious reasons are among the factors that discourage people from being injected with the Covid-19 vaccine.

In February-March, more than a quarter of EU adults said they would refuse to take part in the Covid-19 vaccination, according to a survey by the European Union agency Eurofound.