Ebrahim Raisi Refuses To Meet Joe Biden, But Wants Further Nuclear Negotiations

Iran's newest resident, Ebrahim Raisi, has categorically refused to meet with American President Joe Biden. He emphasized this in his first press conference as President of Iran.

UMMATIMES - Raisi did not explain in detail why he refused to meet Joe Biden, however, he clarified that this does not mean he will not support negotiations on the Iran nuclear agreement. That is one of the main focuses.

"We support negotiations related to our national interests. America needs to immediately return to the 2015 Nuclear Treaty and fulfill its obligations there," said Ebrahim Raisi, quoted by Reuters news agency, Tuesday, June 22, 2021.]

As per this report, negotiations between Iran and America regarding the nuclear agreement have reached the sixth round. However, the negotiations which have been taking place in Vienna, Austria since April have been tough with both parties not being satisfied with the existing clauses.

The Iran nuclear agreement itself was signed in 2015. The main goal, to suppress Iran's nuclear enrichment program and ensure they do not make weapons of mass destruction.

During the Donald Trump administration, America withdrew from the agreement. In exchange, they are strengthening sanctions on Iran which Trump sees as a threat. In response, Iran ramped up its nuclear enrichment program again to the limit. In April, former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said nuclear enrichment at one of the main sites, Natanz, had been raised to 60 percent.

The situation just changed when Joe Biden was elected President of America. He wants to return to the Iran Nuclear Treaty. If Iran cooperates, Joe Biden promised to free the country led by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei from economic sanctions. Iran wants to cooperate, but asks America to first relieve sanctions.

"All American sanctions must be canceled first and we verify," said Ebrahim Raisi. Experts say it is unlikely that Raisi will change Iran's stance in the middle of the negotiations given that all decisions must be approved by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.