Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Strengthen Halal Product Exports

UMMATIMES - The cooperation forum of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) plans a synergy to strengthen the export market share of micro and small enterprises (UMK) halal products.

The Coordinator of the Halal Product Assurance Cooperation (BPJH) of the Ministry of Religion, Subandriyah, said this effort would be carried out through the Halal Industry Capacity Building program. Subandriyah stated that Indonesia really appreciates and supports the synergy plan for the MSE strengthening program.

"This is in line with the government's serious efforts in strengthening MSEs in the country, which continue to be carried out through various programs," he said in a written statement, Friday (18/6).

He hopes that by expanding the market network for halal products, MSEs will significantly optimize the utilization of economic corridors. In addition, according to him, MSEs can also increase their role in helping make it easier for many people to get halal products anywhere.

He explained that the halal capacity program was carried out by seeking to increase understanding of halal product guarantees and halal management systems for MSEs.

"UMK will also be strengthened in terms of its business capacity," he added.

He said the purpose of this program was to increase the awareness of all stakeholders, especially MSEs about the urgency of meeting halal standards. In addition, he said, to ensure the compliance of MSE actors with all guidelines issued by the Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai authorities in terms of halal certification.

Synergy is also intended to increase the capacity and compliance of business actors with international standards such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) which assist MSEs in strengthening financial management, product development, packaging and product marketing capabilities.

In addition, he also hopes that the synergy program can help member countries increase expert and professional human resources in the halal field. The plan to strengthen the export market share of MSE halal products between Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand appeared at the 1st Strategic Halal Industry Collaboration Taskforce (SHICTF) meeting, Thursday.

At the meeting, Indonesia was represented by a delegation led by the Ministry of Religion's BPJH.