Late Supply, Corona Virus Vaccine Immunization Center in the Philippines Closes

UMMATIMES - The delay in the supply of Covid-19 has made a number of cities in Manila, Philippines, close places for immunization for the corona virus vaccine. This condition is contrary to Manila's efforts to increase the number of people who are injected with the corona virus vaccine.

Philippine Presidential spokesman Harry Roque on Thursday, June 10, 2021, asked the public to understand the conditions, but at the same time ensure the public that the government will have more supplies of coronavirus vaccines in the next few months. That way, everyone can be injected with the corona virus vaccine.

Meanwhile Carlito Galvez, Head of the task force for handling the corona virus vaccine, said that only 4.5 million of the total 7 million doses of the corona virus vaccine were scheduled to arrive in May. The reason for the delay was not explained.

This delay is precisely what happened when the Philippine Government relaxed the rules that allowed about 35 million Filipinos to leave their homes. The easing of these rules is to revive the economy.

The mayor of Quezon, Joy Belmonte, said several places for immunization of the corona virus vaccine in his city had been forced to close because of the erratic supply of Covid-19 vaccines.

“If we get full supply. We must have activated 15 places for immunization of the corona virus vaccine. However, based on the available supply, we were only able to activate 8 immunization centers for the coronavirus vaccine," said Belmonte.

Quezon is one of the most populous cities in the Philippines with 2.9 million inhabitants. In that city, there were 8 percent of cases of corona virus infection from a total of 1.28 million positive cases of Covid-19 in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Marikina City, Marcelino Teodoro, said there were 18,000 people in his area waiting for more supplies of the coronavirus vaccine to arrive.