Saudi Arabia Investment Forum will Focus on Humanity

Saudi Arabia Investment Forum will Focus on Humanity

The annual agenda of the Saudi Arabian Investment Forum or Future Investment Initiative (FII) said it would focus more on investments related to humanity.

UMMATIMES - The forum, which has been held five times, will take place on October 26-28 in Riyadh, with the theme 'Invest in Humanity'.

The annual event brings together experts and industry leaders to explore new ways to address societal challenges. By knowing the new way, they will take action to solve it.

"By taking advantage of the enormous economic opportunities that will unfold in the post-Covid era, we will also catalyze the changes needed to achieve a just and prosperous future for all," said Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the FII Institute and Governor of the Public Investment Fund, Yasir Al Rumayyan, said in a statement.

The latest FII will take place in January 2021 and will be conducted face-to-face and online. This agenda presented 200 speakers and thousands of participants from 130 countries.

“As the world recognizes the need for sustainable change, investors and leaders are looking for the right ways to contribute in ways that create value and impact,” said FII Institute CEO Richard Attias.

“A new revival of the global economy, which we explored in January in the fourth edition of the FII, is now emerging. And the fifth anniversary edition of FII will be a unique call to action,” he added.