US Extends Border Closure with Canada and Mexico

The US Department of Homeland Security said the US was still closing its land borders with Canada and Mexico for non-essential purposes until at least July 21.

UMMATIMES - The extension of the US border closure came one day after Canada announced the extension of the closure with the US on Friday (19/6). The corona virus pandemic policy which has been implemented since March 2020 is scheduled to end on Monday (21/6).

US government officials said last week Washington was holding a working meeting with the governments of Canada and Mexico on travel restrictions. The meeting is scheduled to be held every two weeks.

"There have been positive developments in recent weeks and other US agencies are participating with White House experts in working with Canada and Mexico to identify conditions under which social distancing regulations can be relaxed safely and sustainably," the US Department of Homeland Security said.

Border communities affected by social distancing regulations and some members of the US Congress have urged that these regulations be relaxed. That's especially before summer vacation.

Industry and tourism companies are also pressuring Canada to relax social distancing rules that have helped contain the number of coronavirus infections. Since March last year Canada has always extended that policy.