Vietnam Publishes Citizen Code of Conduct on Social Media

UMMATIMES - Vietnam introduces national guidelines on social media behavior to its people. The guidelines encourage social media users to upload or write positive content about their country.

The guidelines prohibit content that violates the law and interferes with the interests of the country. The guidelines apply to state organizations, social media companies and all their users in Vietnam.

"Social media users are encouraged to promote the beauty of Vietnam's landscapes, people and culture and spread good stories about good people," quoted from the guidelines, dated June 17, 2021.

However, it is not clear to what extent these guidelines are legally binding. The guidelines also do not explain in detail how the regulations will be enforced in people's daily lives.

Vietnam's ruling Communist Party has tolerated little criticism, and has tightly controlled the media in recent years. The party is also cracking down on dissidents and activities. Some of them are serving prison sentences for content uploaded on Facebook and Youtube.

In November, Reuters exclusively reported that Vietnamese authorities threatened and would shut down Facebook if the social media did not comply with the government. Facebook was asked to censor more local political content on the platform. Vietnam is Facebook's main market serving around 60 million users in the country. Facebook has also generated nearly $1 billion in revenue.