Xi Jinping and Putin Extend Sino-Russian Cooperation

Xi Jinping and Putin Extend Sino-Russian Cooperation

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin officially announced the extension of the China-Russia agreement on friendship and cooperation, Monday (28/6). The 2001 China-Russia Friendship Treaty consists of 25 articles, covering various domains in the relations between the two countries.

UMMATIMES - Moscow and Beijing agreed to automatically extend him for another five-year term in March. The deal is a twenty-year strategic agreement signed in July 2001 in Moscow by Putin and Jiang Zemin.

Putin said during a video conference with Xi that Russia-China cooperation played a stabilizing role globally amid growing geopolitical turbulence. He added that Moscow and Beijing have no territorial disputes and are ready to make the common border a belt of eternal peace.

"It is important for us to register the absence of territorial claims, the two countries are ready to turn a common border into a belt of eternal peace and friendship ... We are doing a lot to achieve this ... achieving the necessary results that China and Russia consider acceptable" , said the Russian president.

The agreement also places Russia and China on strengthening bilateral cooperation in the peaceful nuclear energy sector and other fields. "Nuclear energy cooperation has reached a qualitatively new level. Cooperation in the financial sector, including the use of national currencies for bilateral payments, is being strengthened", Putin said.

Putin emphasized that these countries have successfully pursued various projects in the aviation and automotive industries, as well as other sectors. He also mentioned that trade relations between the two countries are getting better.

Russia-China trade surged by more than 22 percent in the first four months of 2021 and a new record may be expected by the end of the year. "Our trade has grown 14 times since 2001 and continues to grow despite the global financial crisis and the coronavirus pandemic. At the moment we are witnessing a stable positive dynamic," Putin said.