245th Anniversary of the United States: This is the Origin of the Nickname Uncle Sam

245th Anniversary of the United States: This is the Origin of the Nickname Uncle Sam

The people of the United States today, July 4, 2021, celebrate its independence. The United States as a superpower has a famous nickname, namely Uncle Sam.

UMMATIMES - Uncle Sam is a term used to refer to the United States, specifically the United States government. The term is often used by critics to create an image of the United States as a living being with human desires.

Then, what is the story behind Uncle Sam's nickname of the United States?

Uncle Sam is described as a tall, old man with a large hat with the United States flag patterned on it, a thick red, white, and blue shirt and striped pants. This drawing was created by cartoonist Thomas Nast.

The nickname Uncle Sam was acquired on September 7, 1813. The origin of the nickname Uncle Sam, although debated, is usually attributed to a butcher named Samuel Wilson of Troy, New York.

Samuel Wilson

On September 13, 1766, Samuel Wilson was born in Massachusetts, United States. When he was 14 years old, Wilson enlisted in the army. However, as an adult he chose to become a packaged meat supplier.

Launching from History, Samuel Wilson was a supplier of beef barrels to the United States Army during the War of 1812. Because of his love for the military world, he still wanted to serve his country by helping United States soldiers during the war.

Wilson stamped the barrels with the U.S (United States) mark. However, the soldiers joked that U.S. was an abbreviation of Uncle Sam or Uncle Sam. Hearing the joke, local newspapers spread the story until the nickname Uncle Sam for the United States federal government was widely accepted.

The story of Sam Wilson was first popularized in an article in the New York Gazette in 1830. His story was then made public in 1961, when Congress passed a resolution recognizing Sam Wilson as the national symbol of America (Uncle Sam).

However, many modern researchers doubt the truth of the story. Historian Donald R. Hickey has found references to Uncle Sam in a United States Navy midshipman's diary from 1810, indicating that the term predates the War of 1812.