80 Percent of Muslims in Australia Have Experienced Discrimination

80 Percent of Muslims in Australia Have Experienced Discrimination

Around 80 per cent of Muslims in Australia claim to have experienced discrimination. The information was revealed from a report published by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) on Monday (19/7).

UMMATIMES - Half of the 1,000 survey respondents admitted to experiencing discrimination from law enforcement officials. As many as 48 per cent of Muslims in Australia are subjected to discrimination in the workplace or while looking for work.

One in four people are still afraid to open up if they or someone they know has been discriminated against. Sydney-based Muslim lawyer, Zaahir Edries, expressed his opinion on the causes of the increase in the condition.

According to the man who immigrated to Australia from South Africa at the age of five, the spike in discrimination against Australian Muslims increased as a result of 9/11 in the United States. After the incident, things changed quite significantly.

Edries felt it himself from his personal experience. At that time, he was categorized as a young adult, struggling to reconcile his identity as a Muslim and a lawyer.

"My attitude towards my beliefs and identity has changed in the public sphere, making it difficult to interact in the same way as I did before," he said, quoted from the Xinhua Net page.

Despite the high levels of Islamophobia revealed in the AHRC survey, 63 per cent of respondents believe Australia is a Muslim-friendly country. As many as 74 percent of respondents said they felt like Australians.

Australia's Commissioner for Racial Discrimination, Chin Tan, said it was time for the federal government to establish an anti-racism framework. He believes there is a strong need to have a coordinated national strategy that actively fights racism and discrimination at multiple levels.

"That brings me to the advocacy that we are now filing, the commission on implementing a national anti-racism framework," Tan said.