Covid-19 patients in Tunisia crammed into hospital wards

Covid-19 patients in Tunisia crammed into hospital wards

A man wearing a health protective suit quickly but carefully places a piece of black cloth over a Covid-19 victim placed in a coffin in the courtyard of the Ibn Jazzar Hospital in the city of Kairouan, Tunisia. This man is one of many doctors battling the spike in Covid-19 cases in Tunisia.

UMMATIMES - After placing the coffin in the hospital grounds, he then folded a white cloth over it and sprinkled the body with disinfectant from a small vial, while loved ones and other hospital visitors chanted "Allahu Akbar," or "God is great," in English. Arab.

According to Arab News, patients in hospital-packed Covid-19 wards are dying every day amid a surge in coronavirus infections in the North African country, with Kairouan and three other regions particularly hard hit. In regional hospitals, tensions are rising as personnel struggle to cope with scarce means.

"I was shocked, the patients were jostling like dogs," said one of the families of the Covid-19 patient, Sana Kraiem.

Sana said that the hospital informed her that they could not free the bed occupied by the dead. The half-dozen rooms dedicated to Covid-19 patients are packed into five or six beds each. A patient who had just died was seen still occupying one of the beds in every room visited. A special service finally removed the body.

Over the past month, confirmed infections of the Covid-19 virus in Tunisia have reached their highest daily rate since the pandemic began, but vaccination rates remain low, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Tunisia has reported Africa's highest per capita death toll from the pandemic, and currently has one of the highest per capita infection rates in Africa.