Italian Citizen Suspected As Patient Zero Covid-19

Italian Citizen Suspected As Patient Zero Covid-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to carry out investigations into the origin of the new type of corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) that caused Covid-19 to become a pandemic. So far, it is possible that the patient zero for Covid-19 is an Italian woman.

UMMATIMES - The WHO team said that skin samples showed that the woman was carrying SARS-CoV-2 weeks before the outbreak in Wuhan, China, the city where the virus was first confirmed. A research paper published in January found that a small skin sample from the woman contained traces of the new coronavirus.

Her sample was tested more than six months after she visited a hospital in Milan with a sore throat and skin lesions in November 2019. Members of the WHO-led team claim that the 25-year-old woman's case indicates the virus was circulating before the first outbreak was discovered in a Wuhan market. in December 2019.

Further research is needed on this. However, the biggest obstacle is that the identity of this woman is still unknown.

Milan's Policlinico hospital and the University of Milan, which are monitoring the case of the woman's illness, said they had no details. Meanwhile, Raffaele Gianotti, the dermatologist who treated the woman, died in March.

Gianotti died days before the team could request further research on his patient. The research team has recommended searching other countries for possible cases of Covid-19 that preceded the first confirmed case in Wuhan.

Experts believe that examining suspected cases of the new coronavirus in advance will help establish a timeline for the spread of the virus. To do that, researchers have asked blood banks in various countries, including Italy, to test samples from late 2019 for antibodies to the virus.

A number of studies have shown that people were infected before the first cases of Covid-19 were reported in their respective regions of origin. While scientists are trying to determine the origin of the virus, a shocking study revealed last month that China had deleted Covid-19 data in an attempt to cover up patient zero.