Japan Conducts Operation to Rescue Landslide Victims

Japan Conducts Operation to Rescue Landslide Victims

A landslide triggered by heavy rains hit the central Japanese city of Atami, killing at least two people. The government also resumed rescue operations for 20 missing people on Sunday (4/7) morning.

UMMATIMES - Kyodo news agency said about 10 people were rescued after floods, landslides and flowing mud, and houses were half submerged on Saturday (3/7). The conditions added about 80 buildings were affected in the seaside city 90 km southwest of Tokyo.

About 700 people from Shizuoka prefectural police, firefighters, and the Japanese military continued search and rescue efforts after dawn. While the affected areas with continuous rains continued, around 387 people had been evacuated as of Sunday morning.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has set up an emergency task force to tackle the crisis. He asked people in the affected areas to remain vigilant. Suga and the cabinet ministers will discuss the disaster at 11.00.

Floods are natural disasters, including earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis that are common in Japan. This condition occurs when the city of Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics starting this month.