Malaysian Hackers Hack Israeli College Student Data

Malaysian Hackers Hack Israeli College Student Data

A Malaysian hacker group calling itself DragonForce said it had hacked the database of an Israeli company. Local Israeli media said the hacker group broke into access to hundreds of thousands of student data.

UMMATIMES - i24 News, citing Israeli sources, reported that the hackers collected information from the website AcadeMe in collaboration with leading higher education institutions in Israel. These higher education institutions include Ben Gurion University, Tel Aviv University, Open University, Bar-Ilan University, Technion, and Haifa University.

Cybersecurity expert May Brooks-Kimpler told the Times of Israel, so far hackers have leaked data on about 280,000 students from 2014 to now, along with about 100,000 email addresses. "This is an urgent call for all Hackers, Human Rights Organizations and Activists around the world to reunite and start a campaign against Israel, share what is really happening there, expose their terrorist activities to the world," the hackers wrote on Telegram.

"We will never remain silent on Israel's war activities," the hackers added.

Last month, DragonForce Malaysia claimed to have hacked various Israeli CCTV networks, including homes and government agencies. They have also hacked Israeli businesses and institutions including Israel Aerospace Industries, insurance company Shirbit and software company Amital last year.