Sad, Thousands of These Children Become Orphans Due to Corona

Sad, Thousands of These Children Become Orphans Due to Corona

Child protection agency Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights or DCPCR said more than 2,000 children in India had lost their mother, father or both parents due to the Corona pandemic that occurred since March 2020. "We have traced more than 2,029 children who lost one or both his parents because of Covid-19," as quoted from the results of a survey conducted by DCPCR some time ago.

UMMATIMES - The agency has submitted data on the children to the Department of Women and Child Development in Delhi. DCPCR has also opened a complaint contact so that residents can report similar cases.

Since the opening of the special hotline, the agency has received more than 4,500 complaints in the last three months.

“Out of that number, 2,200 complaints are categorized as emergencies that require urgent handling. These emergency complaints consist of children or families who urgently need basic needs such as food, medical emergencies, cases of neglected children, requirements related to COVID tests, and others," DCPCR wrote in a written statement.

Head of DCPCR Anurag Kundu said in the past three months, the contact of the complaint has allowed the agency to reach more children and their families so that they are more accessible. "This is just the beginning, we are likely to receive nearly 20,000 complaints this year," he said.