South Korea Develops Defense System Similar to Israel's Iron Dome

South Korea Develops Defense System Similar to Israel's Iron Dome

South Korea is developing a new artillery and short-range rocket defense system that imitates Israel's Iron Dome. The development is a further upgrade of South Korea's military apparatus amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

UMMATIMES - South Korea's latest rocket defense system is designed to defend the capital Seoul, including vital facilities and military infrastructure, from potential North Korean attacks. Technically, South Korea and North Korea are still at war. The two countries have not signed a peace treaty after engaging in war in 1950-1953.

South Korea wants to create an artillery interceptor system that is more capable than Israel's Iron Dome. “Iron Dome responds to rockets fired by militant groups, such as Hamas and irregular forces, sporadically. Some parts of the system will have similarities, but what we are going to build is designed to intercept North Korean long-range artillery, which requires a higher level of technology given the current security situation," said Colonel Suh Yong-in, spokesman for the South Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), won, quoted by the Algeria page, Thursday (15/7).

Therefore, Suh said his country's artillery interceptor system was expected to be more expensive than the Iron Dome. Experts believe South Korea is capable of developing a missile defense that effectively intercepts North Korean artillery and rocket attacks. The question is about price.

"There is no choice for South Korea, it can't be helped. South Korea is concerned that North Korea can fire its long-range artillery shells without much fear of retaliation," said Jo Dong Joon, director of the Center for North Korea Studies at Seoul National University.

The idea to create an air defense system emerged in 2010. At that time, North Korea shelled the border island of Yeonpyeong, killing four people. According to the Hankyoreh newspaper, after the incident South Korean authorities considered introducing the Iron Dome system.

North Korea is estimated to have 10,000 artillery pieces, including rocket launchers. They are stationed in the northern area of ​​the demilitarized zone less than 100 kilometers from Seoul and its 25 million inhabitants.