South Korean Workers Protest Amid the Covid-19 Ban

South Korean Workers Protest Amid the Covid-19 Ban

Thousands of South Korean workers held a demonstration in the center of the capital Seoul to demand better conditions. The demonstration that was held on Saturday (3/6) meant that the workers ignored the government's prohibitions and warnings if the protest could trigger a new outbreak of the corona virus.

UMMATIMES - South Korea is struggling to cope with a surge in positive cases of Covid-19 caused by the Delta variant. The government also banned the permit for the demonstration. Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum asked the chairman of the Korea Federation of Trade Unions to cancel it.

In a video taken by Yonhap news agency, protesters wearing masks cover the main streets of the Jongno district center. They carried banners bearing protest slogans such as 'Stop restructuring' and 'Let's go on strike!'.

Labor unions said the rally was attended by about 8,000 participants. Workers demanded increased wages and measures to prevent accidents.

On the other hand, the demonstrations sparked fears of a repeat of last summer's wave of infections. Where a mass gathering of a church sparked a second outbreak of coronavirus infection across South Korea.