Thailand Ready to Open Phuket Attractions for Foreign Tourists

Thailand Ready to Open Phuket Attractions for Foreign Tourists

Thailand plans to reopen its popular tourist attraction, Phuket, to foreign tourists who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, Thursday (1/7). But travelers should come from low-risk countries.

UMMATIMES - Foreign tourists must provide proof of two Covid-19 vaccinations, negative PCR test results no more than 72 hours before departure, and proof of an insurance policy covering treatment for Covid-19 of at least $100,000. Upon arrival in Phuket, they must follow the rules of wearing masks and maintaining social distance. The foreign travelers are also required to carry out three Covid-19 tests at their own expense and show negative test results.

Thailand is still witnessing a spike in Covid-19 cases. However, the infection rate in Phuket is very low. Every day only one digit of new cases is recorded. In addition, 70 percent of the population in Phuket has been fully vaccinated.

The Thai government is betting foreign tourists will be willing to comply with regulations related to preventing the spread of Covid-19 in order to be able to vacation on the beach in Phuket. But the bars and clubs there will remain closed.

However, the Thai government still faces questions about whether it is not too early to open its doors to tourists or foreign travellers. Because, it cannot be predicted whether the number of tourists who come can be controlled.

Prior to the pandemic, the tourism sector accounted for about 20 percent of Thailand's economy. Of this amount, 95 percent comes from Phuket. The resort island off the south coast saw fewer than half a million visitors in the first five months of this year. Of these, almost no foreign tourists.

The number is very unequal when compared to the same period last year which reached three million visitors. Two million of them are foreign tourists.

In the same period last year, almost no foreign tourists visited Phuket. So far, Thailand has reported 259 thousand cases of Covid-19 with 2,023 deaths.