Top 2: Singapore Karaoke Cluster Until houses for sale for 1-2 euros

Top 2: Singapore Karaoke Cluster Until houses for sale for 1-2 euros

Earlier this week, three issues filled Tempo Dunia's most popular news, including a karaoke cluster contributing to Singapore's record Covid-19 case and a city in Italy that offered a house for 1 euro.

Covid-19 Cases in Singapore Set the Highest Record, Donated by Karaoke Cluster

On 18 July Singapore recorded its highest daily case of Covid-19 since August last year.

Singapore's Ministry of Health reported there were 88 new cases of the locally transmitted coronavirus on Sunday.

The significant increase in cases was driven by the spread of the virus in karaoke bars and fishing ports. Singapore is also hunting for time to find people associated with the cluster in the KTV waiting room. However, there are concerns that some customers may not want to admit that they have visited KTV.

In the Italian city of Sambuca, houses for sale for 1-2 euros

Cheap housing seekers can check out the town of Sambuca in Sicily, Italy. In the city, old houses are sold at cheap prices. One house can be priced 1-2 Euros. The sales of the old houses were carried out by the local government to ensure that they were not abandoned without an owner.

As per this report, a total of 16 houses have been sold in Sambuca. At the same time, Sambuca has become a new main destination in Italy because many travelers want to vacation there while buying cheap housing. The Sambuca government responded to this by preparing the next houses to be sold cheaply.

It doesn't stop there, the Sambuca Government is also planning to sell unused vacant lands. They said there was a lot of land in the suburbs where houses could be built. Prices vary with the cheapest being 500 Euros.