UK Announces End of Military Presence in Afghanistan

UK Announces End of Military Presence in Afghanistan

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday announced in parliament all British troops in Afghanistan would "go home". Johnson said most of the 750 British troops remaining in Afghanistan had been withdrawn.

UMMATIMES - The announcement ended two decades of British military involvement in Afghanistan. However, Johnson stressed: "I hope no one will jump to the wrong conclusion that our troop withdrawal means the end of the UK's commitment to Afghanistan, we will not look away".

Johnson pledged £58 million (USD 79.8 million) to Afghan security and defense forces and £100 million ($137.6 million) in development assistance. A small number of British troops will be left in Afghanistan to support US-led troops who will protect diplomats in Kabul, where the British Foreign Office maintains its embassy.

The Ministry of Defense has not said how many British troops it will have left, but local media reported these troops will not be guarding the British embassy. “An international military presence in Afghanistan was never meant to be permanent. We and our NATO allies will always withdraw our troops. The only question is when and there will never be a perfect moment," Johnson said.

Britain's announcement follows US President Joe Biden's decision to end America's military presence in Afghanistan on September 11, 2021, 20 years after the 9/11 attacks that sparked the war.

Despite Britain's acceptance of the US decision, senior British government and military figures, including Johnson himself, have said they do not want to back down at this time, especially given the rapid advance of the Taliban across the country. In total, 457 British soldiers died in Afghanistan.