US Senate Approves Fantastic Value Infrastructure Bill

US Senate Approves Fantastic Value Infrastructure Bill

The US Senate in a rare session Saturday (31/7) discussed the bill with a budget of 1 trillion US dollars for roads, rail lines and other infrastructure. Lawmakers from both sides are seeking to advance President Joe Biden's top legislative priorities.

UMMATIMES - The ambitious plan has the backing of Democrats and Republicans and has crossed two hurdles by a wide margin in the Senate. But so far lawmakers have not seen the final text of the bill, which includes about $550 billion in new spending and was still being recorded as of Saturday. The previous vote was for a legislative bill to which actual legislation would be added upon completion.

US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said in the Senate chamber that the bipartisan group working on the bill needed additional time. "The Senate will still convene today so they can conclude," Schumer said.

"I know all parties want to get this right. As soon as their legislative text is complete, we will review it and then I will offer it as a replacement amendment. After that, we can start voting for the amendment," the top Senate Democrat added.

After passing the 1 trillion US bill, Schumer intends to push for a US$ 3.5 trillion package that focuses on climate change and home care for the elderly and children. It faced staunch Republican opposition and some dissent among moderate Democrats.

"The Senate will move forward on both lines of infrastructure before the start of the August recess. The longer it takes to finish, the longer we'll be here. But we'll get the job done," Schumer said earlier on Saturday.

The Senate voted 66-28 Friday to approve the bill, with 16 Republicans joining 48 Democrats and two independents in favor. The package will dramatically increase state spending on roads, bridges, transit and airports. Supporters predict it will eventually pass through the Senate and House, eventually reaching Biden's desk to be signed into law. That includes about $550 billion in new spending, on top of the previously approved $450 billion. It also includes money to remove lead water pipes and build electric vehicle charging stations.

The bill does not include funding for most of the climate change and social initiatives that Democrats want to pass in a separate $3.5 trillion measure without Republican support. Democrats won votes by a narrow margin in the Senate and House, meaning the party must stick together to achieve its legislative goals.

Progressive members of the House Democratic caucus have suggested the $1 trillion package is inadequate, and the Senate could also enact changes that could complicate its chances of becoming law. But his supporters, including Schumer and Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are optimistic about the prospects.