WHO Concerned that Deaths Due to Covid-19 in the World Reach 4 Million

WHO Concerned that Deaths Due to Covid-19 in the World Reach 4 Million

The WHO chief said the world was not in a good position to fight the pandemic when announcing the worldwide death toll from Covid-19 had surpassed four million.

UMMATIMES - "We have just passed a tragic milestone with four million deaths from Covid-19, which could be a higher number," WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus said during a webinar on Wednesday.

"Some countries with high vaccination rates are now planning to speed up vaccination, relax public health rules, as if the pandemic was over," he continued.

According to Tedros, this condition is exacerbated by the presence of a faster-transmitting variant of Covid-19, the inequality of vaccines in many countries, and a high spike in cases and hospitalizations.

'Acute oxygen crisis'

The oxygen crisis has prompted a "wave of death" in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Tedros said the fact that millions of the healthcare workforce had not been vaccinated to date was worrying.

In fact, he has repeatedly urged that 10 percent of people in each country be vaccinated by September, 40 percent by the end of the year and 70 percent by mid-2022.

He also called on the world to come together to tackle the pandemic collectively by delivering more vaccines to developing countries.

Tedros also said finance ministers from G20 countries and central bank governors would meet this weekend to discuss handling the pandemic.