World's Top 3: Australians charter boats leave Indonesia until US recommends masks

World's Top 3: Australians charter boats leave Indonesia until US recommends masks

The three most popular news in the world on July 28, 2021, among them Australians are busy chartering boats leaving Indonesia due to restrictions on Covid activities, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asking residents to return to wearing masks because of the Delta variant, and a smartphone application that can detect whether the cat is happy or not.

We have summarized the three most popular Ummatimes news stories in the World's Top 3.

1. Australians flock to charter boats to leave Indonesia

The Australian newspaper reported that a number of Australian citizens chartered a ship to return to their country due to the difficulty of flying from Indonesia during the restrictions on Covid activities.

Lombok-based tourism operator, Brendan Nuir, receives many requests from expatriates to repatriate them to Australia. The ship fare is AU$ 3,500 (approximately IDR 37 million) per person for a 67 hour trip from Kupang to Darwin, and the cruise uses a traditional phinisi boat.

The number of Australians stranded in Indonesia is estimated to be in the thousands. Currently they are having trouble returning to their country because there have been no direct flights from Indonesia since last January. Singapore has also banned transit flights from Indonesia, while Australia itself has halved aircraft arrivals.

2. Beware of the Delta Variant, United States Citizens Are Asked to Wear Masks

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has asked all Americans, including those who have been injected with two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, to wear masks in public facilities because the Delta variant is highly contagious.

The CDC also recommends that all students, teachers and school staff wear masks, including grade 12 students even if they have been immunized against the coronavirus vaccine.

Corona virus cases in the United States have increased again because of the Delta Covid-19 variant, which is more easily transmitted. The virus is developing in India and is rapidly spreading. More than 80 percent of coronavirus cases in the United States are the Delta variant.

President Joe Biden said his party had increased the number of coronavirus vaccine immunizations and hoped that the use of masks would help the United States avoid lockdowns and face-to-face school closures, as the country faced in 2020.

3. This smartphone application can tell whether a cat is happy or not

A veterinary technology company from Calgary, Canada,, has developed a smartphone app called Tably that will make it easier for cat owners to tell if their pet is happy or stressed.

Through the phone's camera, Tably will look at the position of the ears and head, eye constriction, muzzle tension and how the whiskers change, to detect stress, Reuters reports.

The technology builds on a 2019 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports, which found the 'cat wince scale', or FGS, to be a valid and reliable tool for the assessment of acute pain in cats.