Corona Virus Called Leaking from Wuhan Laboratory Before September 2019

Corona Virus Called Leaking from Wuhan Laboratory Before September 2019

The United States Republican Party has accused the corona virus or Covid-19 of leaking from a research laboratory in Wuhan in China. The allegations were released on Monday, August 2, 2021.

As quoted by Reuters, much of the evidence pointing to the virus comes from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The report also cites that Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) scientists, assisted by experts from the United States and China and funded by the government, are working to modify the coronavirus so that it is capable of infecting humans. These manipulations can also be hidden.

Republican Foreign Affairs Committee Representative Mike McCaul released the report. He urged a bipartisan investigation into the origins of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, which has killed 4.4 million people worldwide.

China has denied the genetically modified coronavirus, leaked from a facility in Wuhan. The city was where the first COVID-19 cases were discovered in 2019. The Chinese government has also denied allegations of a cover-up.

Other experts suspect the pandemic was caused by an animal virus that was likely transmitted to humans at a seafood market near the Wuhan Institute of Virology. "We now believe it is time to ignore wet markets as a source of transmission of the Covid-19 virus," the report said.

"We also believe a lot of evidence of the virus did leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology before September 12, 2019."

The report cites new information on safety protocols in laboratories. This includes a request for repairs to the hazardous waste treatment system worth US$ 1.5 million for the facility in July 2019.

In April, US intelligence agencies said they agreed with the scientific consensus that the virus was not man-made or genetically modified.

US President Joe Biden in May ordered intelligence agencies to speed up investigations into the origins of the virus and report back within 90 days.

A source familiar with intelligence assessments said US intelligence agencies could not yet conclude whether the virus came from animals or a Wuhan laboratory.