Tokyo Man Attacks Train Passengers With Knife, Dislikes Happy Women

Tokyo Man Attacks Train Passengers With Knife, Dislikes Happy Women

A man was arrested by police late Friday for assaulting passengers on a commuter train in Tokyo, Japan, with a knife. As many as 10 people were injured in the man's attack.

As reported by Reuters, the man suddenly became angry when he saw the woman who looked happy. He also wanted to kill them.

Police arrested the 36-year-old man in another part of Tokyo after he slashed and stabbed people in an attack Friday night around 8:40 p.m. The incident occurred on a train on the Odakyu Line in the western part of the city.

One victim was a student who was seriously injured. The rest suffered minor injuries.

The Sankei newspaper reported the suspect's confession to the police. "I started to feel like killing a happy-looking woman about six years ago. Anyone is fine, I just want to kill a lot of people."

By the driver, the train was brought to an emergency stop after a scream was heard from inside the carriage. According to investigators, the suspect jumped onto the tracks and fled.

Train crews guide train passengers along the tracks to the nearest station. A witness, who was on the train, told NHK News that people suddenly started running towards him. They fled from one car to another.

The suspect then walked into a convenience store and informed staff that he was a suspect in the incident broadcast by the news station. He stated that he was tired of running away.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police confirmed early Saturday that they had arrested a man in his 30s. Nine out of 10 injured were taken to hospital.

Violent crime is rare in Japan. However, there was a spate of knife attacks by the assailants unknown to the victims.

In June 2008, a man in a small truck rammed into a crowd in the Akihabara district of Tokyo. The man then jumped out of the vehicle and began stabbing pedestrians, killing seven people.