Biden: $100 Million to Strengthen US-ASEAN Relations

$100 Million to Strengthen US-ASEAN Relations

The US will invest $100 million through programs to enhance cooperation with ASEAN countries, President Joe Biden said on Tuesday.

Ummatimes - Speaking at a virtual US-ASEAN summit, Biden called the relationship between the US and ASEAN "important" and that partnership is essential to maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific. He said deepen cooperation, invest "in our country", and promote "inclusive prosperity in this critical region."

"In fact, we intend to launch new programs and initiatives to enhance our cooperation on a variety of issues totaling more than $100 million," Biden said.

Biden said ASEAN is "the central regional architecture of the Indo Pacific" and the US is committed to ASEAN's centrality. "This is the main key to maintaining the resilience, prosperity and security of our region together," he added.

Earlier, the White House said Biden would announce a new initiative of up to $102 million to expand the US-ASEAN partnership.

Initiatives will cover health, climate change and the economy, among others