Brazilian President Links Covid Vaccine to AIDS, Youtube Deleted Video

Brazilian President Links Covid Vaccine to AIDS, Youtube Deleted Video

Facebook and YouTube removed a video posted by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for making false claims about a Covid-19 vaccine. He linked the Covid-19 vaccine to the development of AIDS.

Ummatimes - Facebook and YouTube said the video, which was recorded on Thursday, violated their policies. "We do not allow claims that the COVID-19 vaccine kills or seriously harms people," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement Monday, October 25, 2021.

YouTube confirmed that they had taken the same steps at a later date. "We removed the video from Jair Bolsonaro's channel for violating the medical disinformation policy regarding COVID-19 by alleging that vaccines do not reduce the risk of contracting the disease and causing other infectious diseases," YouTube said in a statement.

According to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), the COVID-19 vaccine approved by health regulators is safe for most people. Safe vaccines include those for those living with HIV, the virus that causes the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, known as AIDS.

Bolsonaro's office did not immediately respond to confirmation from Reuters.

In July, YouTube also removed a video from Bolsonaro's official channel recommending the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin against COVID-19. Although there is scientific evidence that this drug is not effective in treating the disease.

Since then, Bolsonaro has avoided mentioning the two drugs in live broadcasts. He said the video was removed and advocated early treatment for COVID-19.

In July, Bolsonaro tested positive for the coronavirus. He credits the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating mild symptoms.

Bolsonaro said in January that he would not take the COVID-19 vaccine. But he said he would inject all Brazilians.